Thursday, May 13, 2010

Monkey Pants' new toys

A few weeks ago Marlie spotted a super sweet Disney Princess scooter at Target. I told her that she could buy it with her pacis (pacifiers). I don't think I ever mentioned it, because maybe it was slightly embarrassing, but up until recently Marlie slept with anywhere from 3-6 pacis. She was an addict. Anyway, much to my surprise she went for it and gathered up all her brightly colored plastic best friends and handed them over to the Target lady in exchange for that scooter.

She is so cute when she rides it. I love watching her scoot along.

The day we got it she was telling Shane all about it and said "It has a special purse with a zipper on it on the front and you can put your wallets... your lipsticks... and your donuts in there." I almost wet my pants. It was a both hilarious and slightly troubling statement. Jamie Oliver would not be amused.

She is such a hoot.

While we are talking about Marlie's new toys let me show you the little project we took on for her b-day present. The grandparents all chipped in and got Miss Pants a playhouse for the backyard. I picked it out online. One of the customer reviews said that it was easy and fast to put together. I am convinced that this person was either.. a) on some hallucinogenic drug, or b) a liar liar pants on fire.

Here is the before...

Literally a month later and still without the chimmney...

She loves it though, so it was worth it. And it doubles as a tiny jail cell.

Just kiddin.

After last year's tiny kitchen debacle and this years playhouse it seems we are getting more and more complicated things to put together for her b-day. Next year we shall assemble a child sized helicopter made of toothpicks.


JenHahn said...

Awesome parenting move, Mom. Great idea for getting her to get rid of her pacifiers. And she looks soooo cute on her new ride! That playhouse looks pretty darn cool too! Does the city make you pay taxes on that?

Wendi Cupp said...

Erin, you crack me up! She is so SO cute! I love that she bought it with her pacis. Great idea. Back at Christmas, we told Cole that Santa came and took his pacis to all the new babies. He bought it. Someday we'll tell him the truth, but it worked and he's paci free! :) Hugs!