Monday, March 8, 2010

our weekend

This weekend was tiring, but good. It was rough, but also fun. Somehow it was really long but also too short.

Shane was off in the woods shootin guns and whatever else males do to bond. Monkey Pants and I were at home playing and laughing and crying and nursing her ear infection. She was fine one minute and a melting mess the next. Giggling and then throwing herself on the ground. Poor thing. This left me fine one minute and then dreaming of mango margaritas in Mexico the next.

In the mix of things I somehow got more work done than I have in a long time. Albums and coffee table books coming your way clients! And also...I decided to paint the entryway and hallway..because maybe I am a little nuts. Seemed like a good idea until I remembered that the walls were big and the ceilings were tall and I was really tired.

It was pretty warm today so when Shane got back in town we all went for a walk/bike ride around the neighborhood. Marlie seemed to feel a lot better today, her fever seems gone for good.

She asked for a "special cookie" from the coffee shop and we aim to please.

And look what we saw along the way..

All be darned. It looks like we may have survived winter. I realize that it will likely get chilly a few more times before it really stays nice, but still...spring is on the way!

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Emily S. said...

Hooray for spring!!!!!!!