Sunday, August 29, 2010

the deets

Thanks for all of the sweet comments! We are excited too. Sorry to leave you hangin like that but we were headed out of town for my sweet friend Jen's wedding. I'm back with some details for ya.

I'm due April 9th. That makes me a little over 8 weeks along.

I know that's kind of early to be sharing the news, but we've seen the heartbeat twice in the last two weeks so we are feeling pretty good about things.

Why so many ultrasounds so early? Well, remember that whole kidney stone thing? Horrendous pain, lots of meds, surgery? It turns out I was pregnant that whole time and didn't know.

We were planning this baby so as soon as I got the ER that day I told anyone who would listen that I might be pregnant. They did multiple tests (blood and urine) to double check and see if I was. All of the tests came back negative. I asked if it could be too early to tell and made sure they understood that we were trying. "Nope" they said, "You aren't pregnant. If you were we could tell."

So, imagine our surprise when after I finally healed up from the kidney stone debacle and had two positive pregnancy tests at home. It was more of a scared feeling than happy, realizing what all this little baby had been through.

However, things look just fine so far. My OB is of course aware of the situation and has taken care of us with extra tests and has reassured us that everything looks good.

So, there you have it. Number 2 is on the way! Marlie is pretty excited though I'm sure she doesn't really know what's coming. I'm feeling pretty cruddy but trying not to whine too much. I'm having a little bit of a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that its not just going to be the three of us anymore. But, I remember having the same thought about the two of us before Monkey Pants came along. So, bring on the big stretchy waistbands!

Tomorrow I will tell you more about Jen's awesome wedding and the little stinker of a flower girl. I mean really, where were her parents?


Nicole said...

So glad to hear the details! And glad to hear that everything is ok, what a scare. Sounds like yours will be as far apart as ours! And I hear ya on it's not just the 3 of us anymore, that is a real reality for me right now! Kinda freakin' out about that one.

Congrats, again;)

Angie Kimmel said...

Yeah!!! I'm so excited for you Erin! How exciting - too funny how things happen. Congratulations - so glad for you and can't wait to meet your new addition this coming Spring. =)

Ada Moore said...

yea!!! sorry i am so late with congrats!!! really excited for the four of you!!!