Monday, June 7, 2010

Pat and family

A few weeks ago I met up with the sweetest family. Heather emailed me a while back wanting to set up a family shoot for her mom's retirement gift.

Pat just finished up her final year of teaching after 32 years in the classroom. And from what I hear she was a pretty incredible one.

Her kids kept making her laugh.

At the last minute I made Pat let me take a few of her by herself. What a cute lady. Look at those eyes!

I think she was rolling her eyes at her kids comments in this one, but I just love it..

Thanks guys! Congratulations on your retirement Pat, and thank you for all of your years of hard work in the classroom.


Deb said...

Love these. And so glad you got to meet Patty G... one of my absolute favorite people in the world and who I have to thank for maintaining my sanity during my years at North!

Anonymous said...

Is that Mrs. Sanderson from North middle?

Jeff and Brandi said...

Ms. Gallagher-I love the family pics and you look beautiful!

Pat G said...

Thanks so much Erin. I LOVE the the piece in the blog. Thanks to Brandi and Deb, and to whomever it is asking if this is Mrs. Sanderson (Sandison), it certainly who are you, anonymous?