Monday, June 14, 2010

some great things...and one cute baby

Just checking in to tell you about some fun things going on in this little family of ours.

First off, remember how we have been down to one car for a while and this has led to all kinds of fun things like Shane getting flipped over cars on his bike? Well, Shane's awesomely generous family has intervened and we are a two car family again thanks to great uncle Hank. I can't even believe it. So, no more bike rides to work. Amen to that.

Secondly, Shane got a lawyering jobby job! Its been a year since he graduated and passed the bar. He has been patiently waiting to see if an attorney position would open up for him at the financial firm he has been working at for the past 6 years did. Sweet! There are lots of great things about him getting this job, but most of all I love to see him getting to use the degree he worked SO hard for.

Thirdly, miss Monkey Pants is now sort of, kind of, going potty. Oh I know we have a long road ahead of us, but people...there has been pee pee in the potty and that is a HUGE step in this house. I was so proud I cried. You know you are a mom if you are tearing up over pee in the potty.

I'm doing good too. I must say that June is kicking my butt. Take two weddings, add a mini shoot day, some other fun shoots and one Monkey Pants to wrangle, and call me exhausted. Its all great, just ya know...hard too. But July has some vacationing in store so that will be nice.

And now I leave you with some parting shots of Beth's little Lily bean. I snapped these the other day without Beth knowing. Hee Hee. I love doing that. All I had to do was hook Weston and Marlie up with some "Barbie and a Mermaid Tale" so Lily and I could have a little time together in the studio.

Oh my word she is really stinking cute.

She makes this adorbale face when she rubs her gums together. Like this...

I'm not sure, but so far it looks like she might be just as lumpy and rolly as her brother. And that is good news.

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Beth said...

Thanks for stealing some great shots of my sweet're the best :)