Friday, March 13, 2009

did you know...

That you can fix an old dry erase board with 2 random household products? Its true. I have finished up some projects around the house in the last few months that had been on my to do list for a long time.

We painted the kitchen a yummy sagey avacadoey green color and then I got to work on something to fill up the huge empty wall we had. I wanted a big dry erase calendar for the wall. I have an aversion to chalk so I chalk board was out of the question. I looked in to buying one and soon found that they were pretty dang expensive. Then I thought I would buy a huge blank dry erase board and draw my own calendar. Well, those are at least $100. So, being a thrifty decorator I looked on for a used one. I found a used one that was the perfect size and $40.

I drew on the calendar grid with a sharpie and the rest in with dry erase marker. Then I painted a black frame directly on the wall to make the edges look a little more substantial. I just taped it off, painted it hung up the board. I got some cute chipboard letters to spell out the month and added some paper flowers from some scrap paper I had. I was really happy with the way it turned out and proud of myself for doing it on a budget.

Then came the time to change it over to the next month. This is when I ran in to a big problem. Instead of the marker wiping off it smeared everywhere and could not fully be erased. I tried water, vinegar and water, and a few other things to get it off with no luck. I was bummed. All of that work and effort and it was ruined. Then I decided to google it just to see if there was a way to fix it.

That is when I found out that you can fix up an old dry erase board with toothpaste and car wax.

If you take the toothpaste and rub it on the smeared writing it will come right off. Then just wipe it down with a wet rag to remove the stickiness. Next take the car wax and apply it just like the directions say (wax on - wax off). It resurfaces the board so that it will erase easily again.

There ya have it. Take the old and make it new!

Its Friday so here is a Weight Watchers update...

Today I lost .2 lbs. Its not gaining, so I'll take it. I would be lying if I said Im not a little frustrated. I have hit a plateau. I know this because when I weighed in today the lady handed me a booket called "overcoming your plateau". So, there you have it. My goal to get exercising was curbed this week when I came down with ANOTHER nasty cold. Come on immune system, really? I am just going to keep on working the program and as soon as I can workout without coughing up a lung I will. If I can just lose 1 more lb I will meet my 10% goal. That will feel good.

Have a good weekend folks!


Anonymous said...

That dry erase board is adorable! And that table with the red chairs? Yep, I think we need to see more of your fab house. :)

And only 1 pound to 10%?! That is so awesome. Keep it up Erin - I'm sure you'll get there next week.

Lisa Sweeney said...

I love your finished project! I love when I can make something myself and have it turn out so cute . . . and yours really did! Way to go on the weight loss too-keep up the good work:)