Wednesday, March 11, 2009

blog block

I'm having a bit of blog block so this shall be short. Um... I have a bad cold. I'm feeling OK during the day but in the morning and at night not so much. I currently feel like I have an open wound in my throat. Not good. I thought I was done with colds for the season but apparently not.

On the upside Marlie has been a total and complete angel this week. I have not been clawed at in several days. She has been chipper and fun and snuggly and its great. Oh I love her. Also Shane is on spring break this week so we get to have him around at night. Very nice.

Some sweet friends are in town this week from Texas and we got to hang out with them today. One cold Zoo visit and a nice dinner at our house. I love seeing old friends.

Things I am thinking about...

How its kind of nice when business is slow because I can relax more and play more and I'm sick anyway..but its also scary because what does that mean about my business and it means less moolah.

How if I could just soak my throat in chai tea latte I would feel much better.

How my goal for the week was to get moving so I can keep losing weight and then I got sick and walking around the zoo is as close to exercise as I have gotten this week. Boo.

How I love having Shane home at night and can't wait until school is over and this is the new normal.

How I am slowly making a ton of changes with my business (name change, new website, etc.) and I want it to be done now but it won't be for quite a long time.

How I have to get my tax junk all sorted out so we can file it and I hate that.

How I love my bed and the way it feels to crawl in here.

It is 9:55 and if I hurry I can go to bed before 10:00 and that is a rare occurrence. Nighty night bloggy people.

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