Friday, March 20, 2009

build a bridge

Ah Friday. My day to work and relax and do things I have been trying to get done all week. It is also Weight Watchers day.

When you do WW you get to choose one week where you don't have to weigh in. I've decided to take my pass today. Not because I cheated this week, because I didn't. And believe me the girl scout cookies have been really hard to resist. The tagalongs have been talking to me I swear. I didn't cheat, but I also didn't get moving this week. I've come to the conclusion that this horrible cold must be spring allergies and I am just going to have to build a bridge and get over it and take my fat butt jogging across that bridge. So, this week's new goal... ignore the sinuses and get moving anyway. No weigh in today, but I will go to my meeting. It really does help. Helps you focus and is encouraging.

I am trying to convince Shane that buying PX90 is a good idea. He is not yet convinced. Have you seen the infomercial Shane? Come on, those people are ripped! Surely it must be better than the Shark Steam Mop that I convinced him to buy this fall.

This afternoon I have a visit with Mista Nug and his momma. Then a short shopping trip and some work.

I haven't forgotten about the other mini shoots so stay tuned. I am still waiting to hear if Toddlers and Trains is going to work out. Some changes may be coming to Kids for Kairos too so look for that.

Alright, here we go!


Julie Elston said...

Erin, If you want to start with something a little less ambitious than the PX90...I recommend Leslie Sansone DVD's. Amazon always had good prices or you can check the Library, Nexflix (if you have a subscription) or eBay. It really helped me get started "movin" again.

Amy R said...

What in the world is the PX90?

erin said...

Thanks for the tip Julie! It looks like I might be sharing P90X with your brother and his wife :). We'll see. Amy, I said it wrong, its P90X and it is a series of crazy workout DVDs. It tells you which one to do what day. If you turn to the infomercial channel its on all the time. Its called "Get ripped in 90 days". Anways, I'm nuts but I might try it.