Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today was much better. Monkey still woke up at 4:45. But 4:45 is the new 7:00 haven’t you heard? There were less tantrums and more fun today and it was warm here! Sometimes I think she is just as sick of being stuck inside as I am. It got up to just over 60 degrees and we got to go to the park. Ah spring, please stick around will you?

Kristal sent me some questions to answer for a blog post. Thanks Kristal! I feel low on blog material these days. So here we go…

1. What is your all-time favorite picture that you’ve taken – you can only choose one!

This was so hard! Oh my gosh, so hard. I had to take Monkey Pants out of the equation because well, she would have won of course. I choose this one...

Maybe its because I know them and the story behind their little family? There is just something about it. I love it.

2. If you could eliminate one thing from your daily routine and never do it again, what would it be?

I hate blow drying my hair, but if I let it air dry it looks like poo. If I could instantly have dried and styled hair that would be awesome.

3. What is one thing you splurge on…budget smudget!

Hmm. I haven’t done this lately but something I have splurged on in the past is designer jeans. Its so worth it. I’ve saved up and done that twice. I don’t care if my shirt is 10 years old and out of style, if I have my designer jeans on I feel like I can save the world. And my butt will look good doing it.

4. Would you rather always take a cold shower or always sleep an hour less than you need to be rested?

Gimme the cold showers. Sleep, give me sleep. I love to sleep. Can someone tell Marlie that?

5.You have to sum up your life on a bumper sticker…what would it say?

It would say “Thank you Lord. I’ll do my best.”

I'm so thankful for everything in my life and I give God all the glory. I've had some interesting things happen to me in the last few years. Some dark times. People ask me "Are you angry at God?" but the truth is I haven't felt that way. Its hard to explain without sharing too much, but instead I feel so very grateful. Grateful for the amazing things I have. I feel humbled and just want to do my best with what I have been given.

That's it! If you need some blog material and want to be tagged with this post then leave me your email and I'll make up some questions for you.


Jimmy Armstrong said...

Wow....Thanks Erin! We loved that picture too!

I love how my butt looks in designer jeans too. I mean…take a look at that picture you posted - hello! Is old navy considered "designer jeans"? :)

Jimmy Armstrong

Kristal said...

AWESOME answers Erin. I liked reading them. ;) And I knew the first one would be very difficult for you to choose, but I love the choice! Love the sun shining through the trees in the corner. Beautiful. And your bumper sticker is awesome. Can I have one? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Erin,
You have great taste in favorite pictures :). I finally printed out a bunch of the pics you took a couple of weeks ago and have them up in our house. We LOVE them. Hope you have a good weekend! We'll be in STL over Easter so maybe we can get together!?