Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Take it to the limit.

Ok, here is how I know I am working too much...

1) I showed up to my dentist appointment last week a week early.

2) Marlie came up on the couch and sat on my key board to get my attention yesterday.

3) I went to the post office in my slippers last week.

4) You are up way too late if Oprah comes on for a second showing.

5) Twice last week at about 9:00 I realized I never ate dinner.

6) Today I got about two miles down the highway before looking back and seeing that I had not buckled Marlie in to her car seat. And that is not funny.

I am losing my marbles and I need them. So, friends that being said I am not going to take any more photo shoots in between now and Christmas. Unless you have mentioned it to me, or scheduled it then no more shoots. Sorry. I have to know my limit and I think I passed it a few shoots ago! I'll start booking for January though. Snow photos anyone?


Jennifer said...

dang girl - sorry you've been so frazzled lately. hope your time off is refreshing and grounding. p.s. 'couch' and 'keyboard' in the same sentence...did you get a new laptop?!?

erin said...

Oh friend, I'm not so much taking time off. I just have enough editing to last me till almost Christmas. I've always had a laptop remember? Its not a cool mac but ya know.

Jennifer said...

guess i'm not the observant friend i thought i was...don't remember the laptop really, just the desktop in the office. and i should have phrased time off better...i knew that's not really accurate. anyway, i mailed my part of the 'secret' today. you count. :)

Julia said...

I admire you for knowing your limits! It's all too easy to spread yourself too thinly--good job on knowing when to say "enough... for now."