Sunday, November 16, 2008


About once a month we have dinner with a group of friends from our old neighborhood. We take turns hosting and this was our month so on Friday night everyone came over to our place. It is always fun to catch up with these folks who were gracious enough not to kick us out of the group when we moved. Its funny to think back over the last few years and see how much everyone has changed. Not everyone has kids at this point, but we have gone from only one couple having a little boy to having 4 toddlers, a baby and one on the way. It has definitely changed the way dinner looks. I had to laugh after the night was over at how the evening unfolded.

6:15 - Marlie throws a ballistic fit as Shane and I try to get her dressed and do last minute dinner things.

7:15 - Half way through dinner Marlie chokes on a tortilla chip (which we clearly shouldn’t have let her have and yes it was terrifying) and when I grab her to help she throws up all over the dining room floor as everyone watches from the dinner table.

7:20 As I’m cleaning it up I see these weird gelatinous chunks in it and freak out because it looks like she has eaten some pills or something so I’m yelling at the people eating dinner “Wait, did anyone have bath beads or gelcap medicine in their purse?!”

7:30 - After talking to Shane’s mom on the phone about what Marlie had for lunch I come in to announce in relief “Its OK, she had jello earlier.”

7:45 - When I finally sit down to eat and apologize about the puke fest I hear that the topic of conversation is baby poop.

8:00 - My friend Jen sitting next to me is trying to keep her little boy from spilling lemonade on the floor for the third time.

8:15 - Everyone except 3 of our friends head out the door with sleepy kids.

8:45 - My friend Katie who stayed says to me “Man we should probably go, we are keeping you guys up. What time is it anyway?” We laugh when I tell her its only 8:45.

Hmm. Not exactly how I had imagined the night going but still a good time. I love my South City dinner people.


Matt, Katie, and Sophia! said...

We love you, too! Thanks for hosting! Matt and I concurred that it was a great time...regardless of puke, poop, and spilled lemonade.
Here's hoping we're all still getting together when we're 40 and have a bunch of rotten teenagers to talk about. :)

Beth said...

No! I will never have a rotten teenager! I refuse! He will stay sweet forever! I add another thumbs up to the evening as well. Girl, you know cook up some good brisket.

Beth said...

insert "how to" in between "know" and "cook". Apparently I need to be in bed sleeping right now.