Tuesday, November 11, 2008

chocolate chocolate

Every fall I try not to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving is over. I get annoyed with stores that graze over Thanksgiving and display all the Christmas stuff in September. I love fall. The sounds, the smells, the colors, the brisk feeling in the air. However, I can't help it this year. The last few days I have been thinking about Christmas like a giddy kid. Maybe its because I know Christmas means that Shane will be done with the semester, my busy season will be over, and the three of us will be in jammies making up for lost time. I keep thinking about the smell of pine, wrapping presents and decorating our new place. But, I have been trying hard to slow down and be happy right where I am so the pumpkin candles are still burning.

Today was busy with playing and working. It was a no shower until bedtime kind of day. The house is a mess and I'm not cleaning it tonight kind of day. And you know what? Thats OK. Instead of cleaning I made cupcakes. I didn't have time for both and I think I made the right choice. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing with sprinkles because I don't bake very often anymore but when I do I don't mess around.

I am knocking out my editing as fast as I can so if you are waiting for photos they are coming. I promise! Here is the shoot I finished up tonight. Olga asked me to do her senior photos and met me down in my neighborhood last week.

I don't think she had any makeup on and she still looked this beautiful.

I'm jealous. I wish I could redo my senior photos. I was an ambassador for a studio where there were huge numbers and fake lockers. Just a note to you seniors out there. Be careful of what those places can talk you in to. Somewhere in the archives of that studio and in some box in my mom's basement is a photo of me and my high school boyfriend and his dog. Yikes. Thats good blackmail material.

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Amy said...

Wow - I'm the first to leave a comment! These pictures are great. I too remember my senior pictures - standing in the forest with my hair that was way too long. I'll have to show you sometime. I think you're excited about Christmas this year because Marlie is old enough to really celebrate now. We're excited for the same reason with Jensen & Morgan too. :)