Monday, November 24, 2008

Congrats Gav and Erin

Whew that was one full weekend. Full of places and people and seeing my brother with his heart full. He is so happy and that makes me happy. Monkey Pants was worn out and I’ll be honest, a very huge handful this weekend. She had her own plans and agenda for the weekend. But she was also hilarious and cute and very professional. Meaning she may have thrown a ballistic fit in the back of the church tossing snacks in the air and all over herself before the ceremony, but when it was time to walk down the isle she just took the hands of the other flower girls and went. I was so proud. I was a bridesmaid so I don’t have any photos of it to show you. I thought it might have been inappropriate for me to leave my post at the altar and run down to snap photos. Even though I kinda wanted to.

In fact, I don’t have a ton of photos to post at all. First because I was busy trying to stay in my dress and walk in my shoes and help keep Marlie happy. Second because the wedding photographer knew I was a photog as well and I did not want to be obnoxious. I know what its like to have someone else trying to do your job and getting their flash all up in your binness. So, I snapped a few photos and enjoyed just being there.

Here is Monkey at the rehearsal. Shane's mom got her this dress and I love it.

I love how you can see the hairspray in this one of Erin getting ready.

Monkey Pants showing us her moves on the dance floor...

She made a little friend and they kept hugging and kissing. It was hilarious. Shane is a little worried though.

This is my favorite one of the two of them. Gavin looks so happy.

Now there is another Erin Elizabeth Brady! She took over my old name. People keep asking me if that bothers me but it really doesn't because I love her and I'm pretty attached to Duggin because I'm pretty attached to Shane.

Today is a slow day of who knows what. I've got some things that need to be done but Marlie has a bit of a stomach bug which is no good. Maybe from all of that kissing? So I'm waiting to see how she does. We may just stay in our jammies all day and watch movies and thats just fine with me.

I will leave you with a note about spray tanning in case you are wondering how it turned out. It looked great except you should really watch your hands if you decide to do it. My body looked like I went to Florida for a week but my right thumb looked like I had gone to Jamaica for a month. Yikes.


Kristal said...

Ohhh, I love her hairstyle. Cute pictures!

emily said...

um, i died at that last line.


Jennifer said...

i'm glad you're attached to shane.

your daughter may have some troublesome years ahead of her though...except for judging by her expression in the second one, she might not be such a pushover after all :)

glad you had a great weekend!

Myra said...

you better watch that girl. :)

beth said...

Are you serious about that cute little polka dot dress and those shoes?! And how her feet are pointed outward?!So cute I cannot handle it right now. Unauthorized that you post that pic without us being able to squeeze her!