Thursday, September 9, 2010

hello again

Hello again. I have been opting for sleeping instead of blogging as of late. I'm just pretty wiped out by the end of the day. Things I've been up to...

- shooting (a wedding here, a senior there) sneak peeks coming soon!

- napping when I can

- wrangling monkey pants

- trying not to barf

- belly dancing (its not cute at 10 weeks pregnant)

- seeing old friends (It was so fun girls!)

Yesterday was miss Monkey's first day back to preschool. Lets compare last year to this year...

I cannot believe how much she has changed this year. Gone are those chubby cheeks and legs, and little sausage fingers. I miss them. By the way that pose she is striking was totally her idea. She is quite the diva these days. Complete with her bear "Princess" and that ugly purple dog purse which contains and even uglier rat type stuffed dog. Oh she is so funny. This is an awesome age. She is much more of a little helper and sidekick than ever before. I love it.

Today I am wrapping up some work and packing. We decided to ya know...just take off to Colorado for a few days. Its just how we roll. We are nuts. But there are some people there we love a lot, so here we go!

One more thing. What's cuter than Mr. Nug, Monkey Pants, and Lily Bean all sitting together?

Nothing! Have a great weekend!


Hannah said...

You are correct... pictures don't get better than that! :)

Armstrong's said...

Miss Marlie is so adorable (and of course Beth's kiddo's, too!). Hope you are feeling better soon!