Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tate boy - 7 mos 2 days Marlie - 4.5 yrs

Oh Tate boy, you are getting so big. You are still so baldy. I love to rub your peach fuzz head against my face. This week you have caught your first bad cold. There have been lots of boogers and not much sleeping, but somehow you still keep grinning at me with that wide smile and scrunchy nose.

Miss Marlie, this is you on your first day of school this year. Looking at you in this picture makes me tear up a bit. Look how grown up you are! You amaze me every day with the funny things you say and the new things you are learning. You are a great big sister to Tate. No one can make him smile like you.

Love you both - Momma

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