Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let's review

Happy New Year to you blog readers! I have a post swimming around in my head about 2011, but I'm a little behind as usual and feel the need to review 2010 first. The goals I set for myself last year were...

1) Spiff up the studio.

2) Go on a big trip with Shane.

3) Find new album options for my clients.

4) Learn more about off camera lighting.

5) Paint at least one room in the house.

6) paint two paintings that have been swimming around in my head for months.

Goal #1 check! I keep meaning to post photos. I will some day. But it is spiffed and I love it.

Goal #2 check! Oh Mexico. It was so so nice.

Goal #3 check! I've been offering Artleather albums and Digilabs coffee table books.

Goal #4 check! I went to the One Light Workshop this summer. It was awesome. I learned so much and have been using off camera lighting in some of my shoots.

Goal #5 check! We painted our entryway and hallway as well as the walls going upstairs. Pictures wouldn't be fun, its very neutral but it looks nice.

Goal #6 boo. Those paintings are still swimming in my head. I just didn't make time to do it. Perhaps this year?

It was a good year. Shane was home with us instead of in school at night. Marlie grew like a weed. I scaled back on business a bit and it was a good change. I started growing baby #2 in my belly. Thanks 2010.

Tomorrow....2011 and some big changes around here.

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