Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1 month + 4 days

Tate turned one month old on Friday. Its only fitting that I am few days late on this post cuz you know...I have a one month old so I'm late for everything. Some random thoughts about this past month...

Tate is a pretty darn good sleeper. It was rough the first week or so but now he only wakes up once during the night. That is pretty amazing and I'm so thankful.

Dividing my attention between Marlie and Tate has been really challenging. I knew it would be, but that doesn't make it any easier. Its kind of heart breaking to watch Marlie adjust to the new normal. Its also really hard to keep my cool when she is too rough with Tate. I'm trying to breathe deep and be patient with her.

However, Marlie can be really cute with her new baby bro. When he cries she sings "Jesus Loves Me"...very loudly...to calm him down. Its really cute and also kind of maddening.

Baby car seats are even heavier than I remember. I hate the way it digs in to my leg when I carry it.

I love Tate's legs. They are really soft and his knees are wrinkly.

Breastfeeding consumes so much time. So...much...time.

My husband is amazing.

Friends and family have been making us dinner a few times a week. I cannot explain how helpful it has been. I cringe when I think about cooking dinners again.

I love my mom. She is such a good listener and encourager.

I'm trying to live out my goal for the year to take it one day at a time. Some days I am successful.

My body is starting to feel pretty healed up. However it doesn't look that way. Very few clothes fit and I look 6 mos pregnant. I know its early, but its hard not to let it get to me.

I don't know if its the hormones or what, but throughout the day I flip flop from thinking "Oh my gosh I can't do this." and "Oh my gosh this is so wonderful."

Today I saw a glimpse of the sweet relationship Marlie and Tate are going to have as he grows. They snuggled together as Marlie talked and he listened and watched. And then she wrapped him up like a burrito, head and all, and we had to have a little talk about that but whatever...it was cute while it lasted :).


Susie said...

Oh Erin, I love your honesty. You are an amazing mom and wife and your family is going through a huge transition. Many of your comments brought back my own memories: the ones about Marlie's adjustment to another human in her house - one who takes so much of your time and attention, the car seat being heavy, and breastfeeding taking so much of time and effort - it seemed like that was all I ever did. Your goal of "taking it one day at a time" is great, but sometimes "taking it one moment at a time" is enough:) Another goal should be to take a nap whenever possible. Please don't worry about your clothes not fitting yet you silly woman - breastfeeding works wonders in that regard. (If only I could breastfeed to lose weight - ooeey - that sure doesn't sound quite right.) Anyway, I digress!! Again - you are amazing - it will get easier and Miss Marlie will simultaneously love, hug and pinch her brother. Love, love you - I need to see you soon. Susie

Deb said...

Funny, I've been thinking a lot about the possibility of a brother or sister for Eli. Who am I kidding... we all know it would be a brother! You post makes me both question the wisdom of this and long for it even more all at the same time. :). Love you friend!!

Emily S. said...

Erin, I'm laughing, nodding, cringing, agreeing... barely making it myself, and SO with ya on all of it!!! Love the pic, love your take on things!

Beth said...

He looks so much like your mom in that picture!! You're doing great! It is so hard and you are pulling it off tremendously...even when you think you can't! Proud of you sister...go! go! go!

Ada Moore said...

hang in there mama!! i feel like i am just coming out of what you are in the middle of, and let me tell you when its over you'll think 'that went by fast'! but its soooo not fast when you are there! lots of prayers to Jesus to get through it! that little tate is such a cutie! lots of love from ttown!

zhang1 said...
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hapi said...
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