Monday, July 26, 2010


This weekend was the first weekend in as long as I can remember that we didn't have much going on. No plans Friday night, no plans Saturday night. Just what we needed.

I had a newborn shoot on Saturday morning. Fun client, sweet little baby girl. As I was helping them out to their car I felt a pain in my lower back. A familiar pain. It was the final piece of a puzzle. I had been feeling a few other weird things over the last week and all of a sudden I knew...kidney stone.

I told Shane that I thought I had a kidney stone but that the pain wasn't horrible and I wanted to wait it out and see if I could manage at home. I sent him off on a bike ride, put Marlie down for a nap and got ready for Nikki to come over and pick up her wedding proofs and CD. I knew she was probably already on her way and thought I could probably still meet. By the time she got here I was in a lot of pain, sweaty and nauseous. I felt so bad that I had to tell her what was going on and cut our meeting short.

Ten minutes later I was pacing around the house like a woman in labor, trying to breathe through the pain. My mom and step dad were on their way over, one to stay with Marlie and one take me to the ER. I have never been in so much pain in my life. I had a kidney stone when I was pregnant with Marlie. I remember it being horrible, but not like this. The 20 minute car ride felt like an eternity and I spent it rolling around and writhing in pain trying to find any position that would relieve some pain. Nothing helped. The pain was so intense that I spent my time in the ER waiting room in the bathroom, revisiting what I had for lunch.

The ER staff was awesome. They got me in a bed quickly and immediately got some pain meds going. I had a cat scan and x-ray and the both confirmed that I did have a kidney stone. The rest of the night is a blur. Lots of pain meds. In and out of sleep.

In the morning the Urologist came in and said that I could either wait it out and try to pass it on my own or they could go in and get it. At this point surgery sounded just fine to me. The knocked me out, took it out, and by 8:00 last night I was back home in bed.

Today has been a bit of a roller coaster. Mostly, I think because I was trying to be tough and not take the pain meds that were prescribed. I don't do well on those things. But, my kidney is still very swollen and painful. If you are the praying type please pray that it would heal on its own soon or they may have to go back in there and put in a stint.

Oye. Not exactly the relaxing weekend I had in mind. So, here I sit. A little groggy, but on the mend. I think a little Bachelorette will help, don't you?


Beth said...

You are so brave sweet friend. Proud of you and proud of your attitude. The grace of God is upon you :)

Jen Hahn said...

Oh Erin! I was just thinking about you this weekend while I was climbing down a wobbly ladder and remembered you falling while you were pregnant with Marlie. Then that made me think of how horrible it was that you had kidney stones during your pregnancy. How awful that they revisited you this weekend! I will certainly pray that your kidney will heal and you are feeling good as new quickly.

Deb said...

Sweet friend.
I hate this for you!
Many prayers coming your way.

Lindsey said...

erin--so sorry you are going through this. we'll pray for a face, speedy recovery!!

Lisa S. said...

So sorry to hear this Erin!!! Hope you are on the mend and feeling much better:)