Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Welcome to the world Elliot

Lately when I see people I haven't talked to in a while they are surprised to hear that I am still shooting. I guess that only makes sense since I haven't been blogging my sessions. Yes, I am shooting. Less than I have in past years, but I am still shooting. I am working with sweet families, capturing important moments and loving it. Last week I had the honor of capturing little Elliot's birthday. Welcome to the world little Elliot and congratulations Evan and Lindsey!


JenHahn said...

Oh, such sweetness! I especially love the grandparent shots. Beautiful baby girl!

Beth Ann said...

Precious baby girl. Congratulations to the whole family. And what gorgeous, perfect pictures to capture her birthday.

Anonymous said...

Even two weeks out, I cry each time I watch this. Thank you, Erin! Linda